Stockholm, Sweden 2017
The mask tells us more than the face. Oscar Wilde

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Why do we disguise our identity? We hide behind the mask of our identity because this is a big part of our life. With the help of a mask, you can feel more free and thus a person exposes his soul. The mask destroys social norms. But in any case, there is a man behind the mask. My masks show different identities and emphasize their uniqueness and originality.

“ M A S K #1”⠀

The mask resembles a skull. This symbolizes that the skull is the main part of personal identity, what we get from the moment of birth and what remains after death. It is like a starting point of formation of personal qualities of each of us. Friedrich Hegel says: “A person becomes a person only in contact with other people”. The psychologist, educator and philosopher Vygotsky developed a theory, how we learn through others, that the environment is more important than the legacy. I think that a person developing in an environment with other individuals tries different roles in society and life, and masks help to do this.


Most people try different masks during life. But there is only one corresponding, which shows the personality. In work “SELF-PORTRAIT” through a mysterious and expressive image, I show the artist at the time of creating his masterpiece. This mask reveals his creativity. Each person is unique, each has a unique gift, qualities and capabilities. But sometimes people are unable to detect and recognize their full potential.

“ M A S K #3 and M O N O L O G U E”⠀

Through the symbols we create our status, identity and even affinity with each other. We present our own and group identity through different kinds of symbols: clothes, make-up, voice or behavior in public. Showing some of the positive features is sometimes very simple. Most people do it by equaling the icons of our time and imitating them, thereby losing their uniqueness. But often we get the wrong idea about people. After all, we forget about the masks. Behind the mask is a completely different world! These two works reveal the topic of a terrible and deceptive human nature. And the beauty and inner harmony of a person is important. Through the inner and outer beauty, you can improve yourself.


Stockholm, Sweden 2018

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The word “Pixel” entered our life not so long ago. But pixel became the destroyers of modern society. I felt their detrimental effect myself. So the concept of my art project “PIXELISM” appeared.
What does the word “pixelism” mean? It is not just a word, but a whole philosophy, or maybe this is a new trend in art? Everyone will answer these questions himself. “PIXELISM” is a reflection of the modern world, the world of high technologies, the world in which everything virtual comes to life and replaces the present, in which we live. Think about who your best friend is today? I think not many will answer that the best friend is my mobile phone. But somehow it happened that the phones began to replace people. What happened? Why even the best friends began to devote more time to virtual communication? Without a phone, we are like without hands. They have become our reliable assistants, irreplaceable in all situations and without a phone we do not represent our existence. When I began to pay attention to people in transport, I began to notise more and more people playing and speaking their phones instead of admiring the scenery outside the window.
So may be screens are second eyes of our time? And “PIXELISM” – is the name of a new ideological trend, the direction of thought, life style, the nature of the action?
In my project, through the eyes of screens, I want to show what is happening beyond reality. In my story there are 3 main characters – Adam and Eve and Lilith. I chose these biblical names for visualization, because in history there are already mentions of what is happening in our time. So on the canvases you see falling asleep lovers Adam and Eve, who send the last sms to each other with the wishes of Goodnight. But the screen of the Adam phone sees that he is writing to another girl and her name is Lilith. Who is Lilith? In ancient tales she was a night demon mocking the sleeping men. And she was even the first wife of Adam in the Kabbalistic theory.
But there is no exact information about her life in history. So, this situation is a parallel of what is now called cheating in chat rooms. For some reason, many use the form of virtual communication, not making analogies with treason, because the same correspondence, it does not oblige. But unfortunately the thoughts are obligatory. And the witnesses of this screen of mobile phones, the eyes of the modern world. The eyes that represent the reality in pixels.

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