Photo: Lennarth Sundberg

“Inspiration for me is the breathing air which I enrich spiritually, and art is born with an exhalation”

I create my works of art under the pseudonym DENNIS FIXMAN. Three words that describe me are an idea, creative and an experiment. Art and design, beauty and style, idea and concept, the world of colors and creativity – all this is filled with my daily life. Someone may say that this is probably very extensive, but I will answer that art has no boundaries. The picture can be framed in a frame – but the creativity does not, it does not have frames. That is why I do not cease to improve and I do not dwell on any particular direction, I like to open my potential in a radically new and unexpected forms. That is why the definition of my activities is likely a free artist. To surprise the public with new ideas and create something unique is about me. In my work I use cardinally different forms, techniques and directions in art, design, make-up and body art. In all this there is a special sense and a mystery, you will agree that something more interesting is something unknown and unavailable, something definitely new.

Behind my shoulders is a great creative path,special art education, education in the school of design, courses of professional make-up. As well as dozens of competitions and championships, and together with them of course there are victories and achievements. The most significant among them is the gold medal at Delphic Games. About my work there were many articles in the media and publications with works. Now my works of art are in private and museum collections in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, England, the USA, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland. 8 personal exhibitions have been opened and many creative projects have been realized with other talented people of our time. And I am open to new horizons with great interest and enthusiasm .

My life is my creativity, my thoughts and feelings, my emotions and knowledge. And they are all reflected in my works of art on the canvas, paper, photo, video, glass and even body!

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