Minsk, Belarus 2014

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The project is dedicated to the International Children’s Day, which is annually celebrated on June 1st. Children’s Day is not only a happy holiday for children on the first day of summer, but this day  is also a reminder to society.
 Despite the long list of modern local problems, peaceful future is the main one.
 The project was implemented in “White star studio” with the participation of a dance group “Raznyye Litsa”, pupils of children’s studio fashion “MademoiselleAdr`i” and the creative team. It was a performance that combines body art, choreography and drawings created by children.
 The project touches on the problems in which helpless and innocent children are somehow involved .These problems are conflicts, wars, world “without soul”. The image of asphalt became a symbol of numbness and bafflement within this project. But problems can be solved, our children can leave vivid emotions, create a new world, give joy and hope on this grey plane of past.

Creative director & Body art: Dennis Fixman, Photo: Yuliya Efimik, Video Production: Vitali Yaronski, Dance group: “Raznyye Litsa”, Model agency: “Mademoiselle Adr`i”, Producer: Ninel Arakelyan, Make-up: Anna Chtchyan, Hairstyle: Olga Trukhan

“A very thoughtful project you and your team created in this activity. I have a deep respect for your work and I also love the way you communicated the message through the art of bodypainting. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication, I am happy to spread this message of yours into the world!”

ALEX BARENDREGT, CEO World Bodypainting Association
ALEX BARENDREGT, CEO World Bodypainting Association


Minsk, Belarus – Paris, France 2013-2014

“French kiss” ia n brave experiment. Live flowers and vivid colours on wonderful portraits create a gallery of elegant and unusual images. “French kiss” is an international project. We found our inspiration in the gentle and flirtatious paintings by a French artist Amylee Paris. Photo exhibition at Mon Cafe is an attempt to “animate” the Parisian splendor of her artwork.

The guests of Mon Cafe tried on the images the bright imagination of the young Parisian created. The authors minds attempted to preserve the style of Amylee’s paintings, and most of the work was done live — the unusual colourful shadows were the result of light effects and the skill of the body art painter, the stylists replicated the hairdos and the make-up and prepared outfits, while eminent models restlessly improved their physical abilities copying the original bends at the painter’s canvases.

“French kiss” is ten portraits – fashionable images combining the simplicity of earnest feelings and the flirtatiousness of a present-day city lady.

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“Quel talent, Dennis Fixman a réussi à transformer des modèles vivants en s’inspirant d’une série de portraits que j’avais réalisé à la peinture. J’ai eu la chance que mes tableaux soient sélectionnés par Alexandra Filatova pour le projet novateur « French Kiss » présenté à Minsk en 2013. Dennis a su respecter les couleurs, les détails, les motifs que j’avais peint dans mes tableaux, pour donner vie aux photos de Kirill Podolyak. Un vrai magicien, Dennis sait utiliser le make-up, le body art, l’art de la transfiguration avec tant de perfection. Le travail de cet artiste est sublime et terriblement bluffant, j’ai eu le souffle coupé après avoir vu la vidéo Backstage montrant l’équipe au travail. Je recommande ses compétences et sa maîtrise. J’espère avoir l’opportunité de travailler à nouveau avec lui. Merci Dennis, continue ainsi!”

Inspiration: Amylee (Paris, France),  Art director: Alexandra Filatova, Creative director and Body art: Denis Fixman, Photographer: Kirill Podolyak, Retouch: Yelena Popova, Style: Evgenia Vasilyeva, Olga Kovalenko, Viktoria Barkovskaya, Models: Iskui Abalyan, Yelena Domaratskaya, Yulia Zavgorodnaya, Irina Kabasakal, Natalya Lukyantseva, Yulia Martynenko, Elena Perepechko, Natalya Potkina, Nathalie Roche, Olga Sheveleva.

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